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The National Academy of Sports Medicine was created in 1987 and offers the most prestigious accreditations in the health and fitness industry. The National Academy of Sports Medicine provides health and fitness education along with continuing instruction training which succeed in assisting fitness trainers with their professional development. An often posed question is “what are the advantages of a certification through the NASM?”

For starters, state this out loud “I’m fitness trainer credentialed with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.” Just how does that sound? Now envision the prospective customer listening to that. The name alone holds reverence. Combined with the conceptual rewards,


with information about:
• Getting Certified
• Training Athletes
• Preventing Injuries
• Continuing Instruction
• Workshops



Think about it for a moment not merely acquiring clientele, but coaching Professional athletes that merely look for the most capable trainers. Imagine being given the task of being able to help elderly people get out of and keeping out of wheel chairs since they trusted you to enable them to become more active. Or perhaps you can take your new talents to a Fortune 500 company to lead a company wellness process which helps to lower work place and repetitive stress traumas.
These are simply a handful of the scenarios which can be found with a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification. With the range of accreditations available:
• Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Performance Enhancement Specialist



Along with the live training seminars offered, and the NASM educational partners, the sky is really the limit in the health and wellness field.
Training Overviews
Starting with the NASM Certified Personal Trainer Credentials (CPT), one must successfully pass a 120 question proctored exam addressing the basics of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition as well as behavioral teaching. When completed, you’ll learn how to structure training systems for clientele to help them achieve their objectives. There a wide range of research products designed for the exam on the NASM website which feature; textbooks, internet study solutions





Once you have completed the CPT, you can move onto an advanced level specialty. If perhaps you are wanting to achieve recognition for being a professional sports efficiency expert, you might look at the Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES). This credential is designed for those planning to develop into instructors, physical therapist, chiropractor and trainers who would like to concentrate on helping to improve an athlete’s stamina, durability, speed, and performance, while avoiding injuries. A CPT is required and you must successfully pass a 70 problem multiple choice assessments for this accreditation. Once again NASM offers course, online training and live workshops to prepare you for the test.



How will these and the other National Academy of Sports Medicine certifications benefit a personal trainer? Well, the median income for a personal trainer is $54,200/yr. with the top 10% earning $100,000/yr. and more. According to, the average starting salary of an NASM certified trainer is $42,000/yr. The next highest paying certification is the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) at $36,000/yr. That is from working for someone and not considering any other streams of income. So an NASM certification starts you off earning more, and with the support and continuing education opportunities they provide, keeps you ahead of the pack.