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Reebok Suspension Rings


  • Includes 2 x heavy duty nylon straps with quick release buckle
  • Reebok Suspension Rings, adjustable length for upper and lower body exercises
  • Simple fixing mechanism
  • Sold as a pair
  • Suitable for gym and all functional areas


It’s important for every lifter to be able to confidently control their bodyweight before progressing onto weighted movements. Suspension rings are a fantastic way to increase difficulty for advanced lifters and offer a great deal of mobility as well as being an excellent method for performing versatile upper and lower body workouts.

With the increased movement of any exercise, the rings and straps will move and vibrate forcing the user to apply a greater degree of muscle activation. You’ll train your core to the maximum due to the rings’ instability and free movement.

Use these pair of Reebok Suspension Rings to perform exercises such as dips, push ups, lunges and muscle ups through the use of the heavy-duty nylon adjustable straps which can be easily released using the quick-release buckle.

Suitable for gym use and all functional areas, common exercises can take on a whole new dimension when performed using the rings. With limitless possibilities for training, suspension rings are a positive addition to any functional training regimen.


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