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Reebok Retail Speed Bag


  • Constructed with heavy duty leather
  • Heavy duty Reebok Speed Boxing Bag
  • Lightweight, ideal for improving punching skill, timing, rhythm and conditioning
  • Solid rebound mechanism
  • Stitched panel construction ensures durability

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Constructed with heavy duty leather, the Reebok Speed Bag offers absolute accuracy, lightning-fast speed and long-lasting durability. Where a combat heavy bag develops power, the speed bag develops skill and punching precision. It requires focus, hand-eye coordination and stamina. Incorporating the speed bag into your routine provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout and is an excellent way to let off steam and de-stress. With 360 degree access, you can hit the speed bag from all angles, adjusting your movements accordingly. You need to be nimble and your reaction needs to be fast.

Working out with the speed bag is a fun form of exercise which effectively improves your shoulder and arm strength, adding definition to the muscles. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, the speed bag is a great piece of equipment for all – boxing exercise using a speed bag has a low risk of injury, though it’s advised to use hand wraps or bag gloves.

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