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Reebok Pro Utility Bench


  • 10″ x 52″ back support
  • 17″ ground clearance provides greater stability and reduces back arch when lifting
  • Demention: 149 x 56 x 43 (cm)
  • Easy to assemble Reebok Utility Bench – 7 adjustable angles and 3 seat adjustments via a quick pull rod mechanism
  • High density foam cushioning with easy wipe clean surface
  • Integrated wheels and handle for easy transport plus stable, non-slip feet


The Reebok Utility Bench provides the ultimate in versatile weight training. With 7 adjustable angles and 3 seat adjustments via a quick pull rod mechanism, the bench can be adapted to each individual athlete’s workout preferences. Featuring high density foam cushioning, the bench can be kept in peak condition thanks to its easy wipe clean surface.

10″ x 52″, the compact Reebok Utility Bench features integrated wheels and handle for easy manoeuvrability and once situated its non-slip feet will keep it in place. The bench’s 17″ ground clearance offers greater stability and reduction of back arch through your lift.

For all levels of intensity and weight, the Reebok Utility Bench is a rock solid foundation for your workout.

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