Reebok Free Standing Torso Trainer


  • 2 weight posts and solid triangular design provides superior stability
  • 50mm diameter barbell sleeve with hand tighten screw clamp
  • Compatible with the Core Trainer Bar and Single Row Olympic Bar Attachment to target different muscles
  • Full 360 degree pivot on sleeve for increased range of motion
  • Reebok free standing torso trainer unit for versatile weight training


The Reebok Free Standing Torso Trainer is a versatile training tool ideal for total body strength and power workouts, enabling the user to add rotation to power moves.

The ground-based torso trainer features a 50mm diameter barbell pivoting sleeve with hand tighten screw clamp to keep the bar securely in place, whilst its triangular design base provides even further stability throughout your workout. Portable for indoor or outdoor training, you can add further weight to your torso unit using the 2 weight posts.

A full 360 degree pivot provides an increased range of motion for dynamic movements such as torso twists, rotations and shoulder presses, making it a great tool for strength training and building power in both the lower and upper body. Compatible with other Reebok Functional training equipment including the Core Trainer Bar and Single Row Olympic Bar attachment, the Torso Trainer is effective in targeting different muscles.

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