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Reebok Core Trainer Bar


  • 50mm sleeve suitable for all Olympic bars
  • Comfortable, angled hand grips with 60cm distance in between
  • Provides an effective core, shoulder and back workout
  • Reversible design to target two separate muscle groups
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Transform your regular weight bar routine with the Core Trainer Bar from Reebok.

Featuring a 50mm sleeve suitable for all Olympic bars, the Reebok Core Trainer Bar helps you to improve your upper body strength, particularly in the back and shoulders. With comfortable angled grips, 60cm apart, you can perform a variety of core-centric exercises such as cable rows and barbell bent over rows by retracting your shoulders and flexing your elbows whilst engaging your core.

The core trainer bar’s reversible design enables you to target two separate muscle groups and change up your routine, making it an ideal attachment to incorporate into your functional training workout.

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